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Coming Out As Dalit a Memoir By Yashica Dutt | Book Review | Bahujan Sahitya

Yashica Dutt


Nothing happens without caste in India, caste has to be faced at every stage of life, sometimes you know how caste is harming you, and how it is benefiting you and sometimes you know It doesn’t work, but race stands on your side in opposition and keeps playing its game. From your christening to your last rites, from your search for a life partner to your marriage, from your elementary education to your higher education, your job or business, even in the rape of a woman, brutality in rape, after that In the judicial process, during the judicial process, from the primary report to the court’s decision or the death of the woman, the media coverage of the entire episode works in favour and opposition of the victim, the latest example of this you will be aware of the Hathras incident.

The negative structure of our society or say that Brahminical structure is such a spider in the children born in some particular caste since childhood, towards their caste, their psychological ability towards their ancestors’ money and their physical efficiency towards their future. Weaves a net that is difficult to get out of it, to save our children from all this, our parents take some steps, they decide to hide their caste, they make many types of plans, adopt tricks and they are in that caste. Or try to enter the group which we call upper caste or Brahminical people, They feel that by doing this their children’s future will be more secure and they will get a better life which they have never lived.

Book Review of Coming Out As Dalit A Memoir

The book Coming Out As Dalit a Memoi we are reviewing today is about the journey of the book author when she tries to run away from her caste and attempts to enter the group of upper caste, even after being a Dalit, she tries to call herself a Brahmin. Tries unsuccessfully, during which some questions arise in her mind about caste, whose answer she finds a husband when she goes abroad after a few years she adopts herself as a Dalit and reveals her identity in front of the whole world. She reveals her identity in front of the world, in this book, she discussed her journey and that is why she named this book as coming out as Dalit a memoir. The name of the author is Yashica Dutt who is a journalist by profession and New Lives in York and founder is the document of Dalit discrimination.

At the beginning of the coming out as Dalit a memoir, Yashica Dutt talks about her family, how her father and grandfather stopped writing their surname, and how her grandfather was killed by a horse by the Hindus of Jaipur. Lowered down another place she writes that her great-grandfather learned to write in the mud by writing with wood because the people of the upper caste had stopped him from taking the slate in his hand. The writer recounts some of her childhood when her parents ask her to tell her false caste, how the emphasis was on learning better English because good English helps you get established in a higher caste, how she feels uneasy about her person, and how she struggles with economic problems as well as social and psychological problems in her school life, how fear haunts her as to what would happen if her peers came to know about her caste. , her family life, school life, college life and studies abroad and after that job discusses everything in great detail. It would seem that the struggle of all the people of Bahujan society is the same because our problem is the same, the only difference is that the struggle of some is more difficult and longer, and some are easier and shorter. While reading some chapters at the beginning of this book, you will feel that Yashica Dutt narrates her story as well as listens to the story of her mother, The words are of Yashica Dutt, but the feelings she has are more like that of her mother, this is my personal opinion. Maybe some readers or even Yashica Dutt herself do not agree with this,

In this book, the author does not only discuss her life but mentions the entire Dalit Bahujan movement, discusses its different aspects and presents figures in its context, such as Babasaheb’s movement, about his struggle. In the nineties, referring to the movement in support of the Mandal and the movement against it talks about its different aspects, mentions the Bahujan women’s movement and discusses its different aspects, mostly related to the Bahujan section. Whether it is a student organization or a social organization or an organization related to Bahujan women, keeping an overview of everyone, mentions some websites which are being run by Bahujan youth, about which you all should know, Like the crash course of Bahujan Vichar Dhara in the book itself, the author has tried to touch almost all the issues related to Bahujans by using her abilities and has been successful to some extent, Rohit Vemula has a lot of space in this book.

In my understanding, everyone should read this book, be it Bahujan or non-Bahujan, especially today’s generation, which tries to understand the Bahujan ideology, but does not understand the husband very well or does not understand him, so where to start and which direction to proceed.

Book quality & availability

Coming Out As Dalit a Memoir has been published by the Aleph book company, The book is in the English language. This book is a total of 212 pages.

Book Review by Rajat Mourya.

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