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I am Rajat mourya founder of Bahujan Sahitya. The first & only Ambedkarite from my entire family. I belong to a small village in Madhya Pradesh. I am working since I was in my 6th standard, as a newspaper distributor in a local area of Nagpur. That job was just the beginning of my journey. After having  8 years of experience in sales and marketing in different companies, I am still somewhere in the middle of my journey.
Like all Dalits, I also faced caste-based discrimination multiple times almost at all places schools, colleges, and offices everywhere. Initially, I didn’t know the reason behind it. However, after reading the writings of my ideal Baba Saheb Ambedkar, I started to see everything crystal-clear. Then, I started questioning almost everything in
every situation of my life.
Asking the questions is the most important thing in our life.

Then, after reading the number of Bahujan books I came to the conclusion that, if we want to assert ourselves strong we must read our leaders at any cost. Not alone reading, we have to spread the message and knowledge of our ancestors. That’s why I started the Bahujan Sahitya youtube channel in March 2020.

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you watch this video for a better understanding of my ideological transformation.