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The name Bahujan Sahitya name refers to the literature of 85% indigenous community of India. Bahujan Sahitya is an initiative to bring the literature of marginalised communities of India to the digital platform. Bahujan Sahitya reviews almost every category of Bahujan literature including political, religious, biography, and Autobiography literature which is written by Bahujan authors or Related to Bahujan issues. Our special features are book reviews & author interviews which include their personal life experiences, learnings & message to the Bahujan youth. Bahujan Sahitya has been founded by Rajat mourya, a self–made Bahujan entrepreneur who forethought Bahujan literature as a pivot point for social transformation in India from the chains of spiritual slavery of Brahminism.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to connect every bahujan with books written by bahujan scholars and bahujan authors, to spread & aware the bahujans of their true cultural & Social History. shackles of caste slavery can be eradicated only by the ideological revolution in the minds of bahujans. therefore we need to focus only on the ideological unification of all caste-class oppressed ones.

Our Editorial Policy
Our Editorial Policy Bahujan Sahitya is a recommendation guide for new books. Our editors evaluate and select for review the best books in a variety of categories. BookPage is editorially independent; only books we highly recommend are featured. Any publisher-sponsored content is clearly labelled as such.

Our team
Founder – Rajat Mourya
SEO Expert – Mayur Neem

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Advance review copies should be submitted to our editorial department at least three months prior to a book’s publication date. For more detailed information on submitting books, check our guidelines.