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Book Review of Sanchi Danam | Bahujan Sahitya

Sanchi Danam

About the author

Motilal Alamchandra, who is a government employee by profession and is a modern writer, Sanchi Danam his fourth book before this three books have been published in which the first book is “Kitne Bharat Ek Samajik Vedna”. “The second book is “Madhumasganj” and the third book is the poetry collection “Nai Kopley”. these all books are available on Amazon if you want to buy from there.

Review Preface

Language is the need of all of us, that is why our ancestors invented it so that they could communicate with each other, and through that contact a new civilization emerged, which went ahead and created many records and gave birth to religion and culture. Which gave birth to science and led human civilization on the path of progress. Have you ever thought that what would have happened if our ancestors could not talk among themselves, would we have been able to develop so much today? Language has a great contribution to the development of the entire human civilization. That is why there is always a curiosity among historians and linguistic scientists to know which is the oldest language of human civilization.

Book review

The Book review of Sanchi Danam, In which we are going to talk about is written in the language which was buried in the land of history under rigour, which was forgotten by the historians, which was once the history of the kingdoms of Chandragupta Maurya and Emperor Ashoka. It was the state language that remained the main language of Buddhist literature and the language in which the Dhamma spread in united India.

Sanchi Danam, this book is written on the Dhamma script, it has been told in this book how you can learn the Dhamma script, in this book you will find both the letters of Dhammalipi and Barakhadi. the author has put so much effort into this book because it’s not easy for a working person to translate almost 412 inscriptions from Dhammlipi to Hindi, which were written on the wall of the Sanchi stupa. this book is very helpful for those who are planning to visit Sanchi Stupa, after reading this book they will be more able to understand our culture and heritage. I can say Sanchi Danam is one of the best books on Dhammlipi.

Another thing that makes this book very special is that you will find the translation of all visible ancient inscriptions that are written in Dhammpili in Sanchi Stupa in this book. you will be shocked by knowing how many local kingdoms of that time contributed to the construction of our heritage Sanchi stupa. Also in this book, you have been told about the known history of Dhammalipi. This book is very simple and straightforward and can introduce us to our real history Because most of the ancient inscriptions of the period of Samrat Ashoka were written in Dhammlipi known as Brahmi nowadays.

while visiting any historical site related to Buddhist culture buddha and Samrat Ashoka must take this book in your backpack it will you to understand what was written by our ancestors and feel connected with them. This book was published by Shivana publication house, the book is a total of 152 pages, which means you can read this book in one go.

Book Quality & Availability

The cover page of the book is beautiful, while seeing it you get an accurate symbol of our heritage and hardcover binding is one good incentive point for buyers. The font is good and the printing and page quality is also up to the mark.

The book is only available in the Hindi language. if you also want to buy it just click on Amazon and you will redirect to the Amazon website.

The review is written By Rajat Mourya and edited by Shilpi Kishore

Interview of Motilal Amalchandra

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